Short Works


While writing short fiction isn’t usually the most business-savvy practice in the writing world, I enjoy writing short stuff almost as much as I do longer works. It’s great to know you’ve honed and chiseled and whittled and sanded a story down to its most essential parts, trimming all the excess words like fat from a steak (OK…I don’t really trim fat off a steak because it’s yummy, but you get the analogy) so you give the reader the leanest piece of fiction possible. Thus, here’s a list of my published short fiction, both online and for purchase.

Online Short Fiction:

Yellow (As T.C. Barlow)  on The Western Online, western short story.

Skin Deep on Quantum Fairy Tales, paranormal romance flash piece (site defunct).

Good From a Whiskey Bottle (As T.C. Barlow) on The Western Online, western short story.

Smelly Dogs on Evil Girlfriend Media, science fiction flash piece (site defunct).

The Shriveled Boy on Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, dark fantasy flash piece.

Broken Homes on Crimson Streets Magazine.

Quaking Aspens” urban fantasy short story in Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things.

Short Fiction in Anthologies:


“Eighteen and Two,” noir short story in The Desperate and the Damned, by Down and Out books.


“Heroes of the Russian Federation,” science fiction short story in the Superstars Writing Seminar benefit anthology, Undercurrents: An Anthology of What Lies Beneath, from WordFire Press.


“Cell Service,” science fiction short story in Temporally Out of Order, from Zombies Need Brains, LLC.

“Outcast,” horror short story in These Vampires Don’t Sparkle, from Sky Warrior Books.

“Hostiles,” horror short story in Zombiefied Reloaded, from Sky Warrior Books.

“Meltdown,” fantasy short story in The Dragon’s Hoard, from Sky Warrior Books.